At the Alternative Press Expo (or APE), overstimulation is an understatement. There is a ton going on here. Held yearly in San Francisco, heretofore in February, APE took place this past weekend, April 9-10, at the Concourse Exhibition Center.

"Alternative press" can mean a lot of things, but here at APE it primarily refers to comic books and strips. The products range from underground to fairly known, from silly to bone-chilling, from soft to subversive, and from stick figures to lush illustrations. Folks from all over come to hawk their wares and network, as do a number of familiar local faces.

For a mere $240, a publisher can host a table for the weekend; better-known folks are invited to speak on panel discussions as well, which any APE attendee can go to.

For pics, quotes, and info on the above, read on, folks.