Along with her partner, Jennifer Elias, Julie has packaged crucial information about the simple pleasures of life (chocolate, food, wine, sex) into decks you can buy, read, and then regurgitate at parties like so:

Person you want to impress (PYWI): Isn't intriguing how the matrilineal progression of Sri Lankin prime ministers seems to be threatened by Britney Spear's influence on femal career ambition in the country?

You: How interesting! Did you know that Julia Child once worked for the OSS, a predecessor to the CIA, in Sri Lanka and China. This is where she met her future husband,Paul Child. They later moved to Paris where—to the delight of food lovers throughout the world—Julia’s passion for the culinary arts was kindled. At the age of 37 she enrolled in the Cordon Bleu academy, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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