You know the organizing principle at team SFist is always: what about the children? So yeah, bummer for Julie Lee about getting indicted for grand theft over the tattered remains of Kevin Shelley's career, huh, as ably reported by the Chron. But -- what about Julie's son? Andrew Lee! A.k.a. Drew Nasty! How will he cope? What will he do?

Drew's had a tough go of things since all the smack came down on his mother. He lost his job with Kevin Shelley (he blew his back out lifting "very heavy voter information guides"). He dropped out of law school. The Inc. doesn't seem very interested in picking up his Fiona Ma-produced R&B single. His band C-Quence isn't playing gigs anymore. Sure, he sang "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" at a fundraiser last week, but how many more gigs like that is our crooner going to have now that Mom's fighting to stay out of the slammer? And was there a rap interlude in the middle?

Julie Lee's refusing to comment on any of this, calling it all "Westerner gossip" (Gourmet de l'Ouest, watch that mouth!), but we're worried sick about Andrew! How's your neck holding up, guy?