Seriously, after checking our bones and then the rain fall charts after that it's pretty dang obvious these are the end of the winter rains. And good riddance, as there was some form of precipitation 54 of the last 90 days dropping a total of 13.11 inches of rain. But rejoice, as the charts say we only have 2.7 inches of rain to expect between now and November. (Which is half the reason we live here right?) In fact, Sunday's rain was was different than what we get earlier in the year (did you notice the big heavy drops?) and accounts for one third of April's expected downfall. By Friday night we should have seen half our average monthly rainfall.

April, however, still brings almost 20 days of equally split partial and full cloud cover. It's also one of the windier months of the year. But who cares? Winter is gone. The reservoirs will surely top off from what should be a big spring thaw, daylight savings is here and we'll take a dry cloudy day over the 5+ inches of rain in February any month of the year. Another silver lining about windy April is that is keeps the coastal marine layer from converting into fog.

In fact, there's a nice forecast a head of us. Plan on some outdoor time for sure. Dolores Park or Zeitgeist? Or how about a hike or ride to Lake Lagunitas or in Tilden Park. Tahoe is definitively 'going off' with glorious spring conditions that are just as good for biking as they are skiing. If you're going to be at Alpine, let's apres ski on the deck for sunbears!

SFist Ted, contributing.