During the hearing, O'Donoghue and his allies went out of their way to say they weren’t being sexist and that the Irish love their women, it's just that, well, Lee might have trouble doing her job because of her sex and her condition. One man said that Hutchinson couldn't be replaced by a "person who is not even going to go up a ladder with her dress down." Several others said that Lee will have to take too much time off for maternity leave and that pregnant women have their minds elsewhere. Said another: "My wife refers to it as 'pregnancy brain.' Her mind is on other things… are you going to replace this man (Hutchinson) with 'pregnancy brain'?" Afterwards, Lee said that the comments were "disgusting." In today’s Chronicle, O'Donoghue told columnist Joan Ryan that he never said those things he was being accused of and that he'll sue anyone who says differently. Memo to Joe- SFist is held together primarily by chewing gum, duck tape, and an old Commodore computer and written by illegal Canadian immigrants imprisoned against our will in Jackson's basement-otherwise known as "the SFist Cave." In other words, you got nothing to sue here.

Picture of Joe O'Donoghue at the hearing from SFGate