We know what it's like to spend your days running around in circles while bunches of people yell at you, so we're especially sympathetic to the beneficiaries of our featured organization this week.

The Golden State Greyhound Adoption group works to rescue, rehabilitate, and adopt out retired racing greyhounds. We love the sleek look and gentle temperment of greyhounds and find particular kinship in their reputation for being total sloths most of the time. (And we love looking at the happy pictures of adopted dogs with their new families which is why we're so late getting this up today).

Golden State Greyhound Adoption has a number of weekend 'Meet-and-Greet' events where you can find out more about becoming greyhound owner or other ways you can support their organization. They'll be at Best in Show this Saturday (April 9th) and then once a month through the summer. Best in Show is located at 300 Sanchez Street @ 16th.