We spent the past few months obsessing over the Giants' offseason moves and the past few weeks wondering if all of our worst fears about the team's collective age were coming true. We spent Tuesday afternoon at opening day at the ballpark and, looking down on the diamond as the Giants soundly beat the hated Dodgers 4-2, we came to this simple conclusion: the 2005 Giants are a really good team and we're really looking forward to watching them play for the next six or, hopefully, seven months. Sure, they're going to miss Barry Bonds, BALCO scandal and all, while he's out recuperating from his third minor knee surgery of the past three months (and if he's out for much more than the fifteen days he's slated to be on the disabled list, they're going to struggle mightily stay in the NL West race), but Brian Sabean has built a team that's so solid on the mound, at the plate, and in the field that they can withstand the absence of even the best player in the game, at least for a while. And yesterday's game displayed that perfectly. With the perfect weather, beautiful park, and great baseball, Giants fans couldn't have asked for too much more from the team (and they had a lovely time booing Jeff Kent all day long).