Is it too early for San Francisco 1999 nostalgia? The NASDAQ was peaking, IPs were O-ing, and those dark blue button-down shirts were so in? Remember when they said the only way you could get an apartment was if you could offer your landlord stock options? Remember the Mission Yuppie Eradication Project? Well, in these wintry economic climes, we miss the go-go 99s -- and we especially miss the ace reporter that covered the whole thing for the SF Weekly and then the Chron, the inestimable Ms. Laurel Wellman.

You may remember Laurel Wellman for her pieces for Dog Bites about "Nestor Makno," -- or maybe you didn't start reading her column until she covered the Great Gonzalez-Newsom-off of ought-three for the Chron. And then -- suddenly -- nothing. Wellman filed a few interview pieces in 2004 and then, much to our dismay, she disappeared entirely from the Chron.

So where is Laurel now? We do some research for you, after the jump.