This week the Essefficist brings you yet another question from an out of towner pining for San Francisco. Hopefully this one will prove a little more satisfying than that poetry thing last week. Here we go...


Stuff you can order? "How to maintain?" How about a Strunk & White's? Otherwise, did you catch that thing about the almighty It's-It? That's a pretty good orderable thing to bring back fond memories of the City by the Bay. And speaking of which, how about going to your local used record store and buying some Journey vinyl? Ohh-oooowohhhh-ooh-woh-oh-oh? Does that do it for you? Are you more of a traditionalist? Get some Tony Bennett while you're there.

The best thing we can think of is a subscription to Major League Baseball's Game Day Audio so you can listen to Giants broadcasts online. It's the first thing we'd do if we had to leave town. It's only fifteen bucks a season and you get your fill of Jon and Dave and Kruk and Kuip for six (or, if things go really well, seven) months. Another good thing might be some coffee from Caffe Trieste--we hope your sound was turned on when you hit that link--which is easily obtained online. That always seems like the quintessential San Francisco cafe to us.

But what else? Do three things a care package make? We thought we should seek help on this question, so we invited other SFist writers to give their suggestions as well.

How to maintain my San Francisco love from far away? Can you suggest a care package of good SF stuff I can order to renew my affection for a city I haven't seen in some time?