As you know, SFist reads the weeklies so that you don't have too. While our love affair with Bay Area weeklies is long and sordid, we vividly recall the fateful summer day we were reading The Wave and stumbled across a bit by a local who had his girlfriend infiltrate the Raiderette try outs. Sheer genius, we thought. A mere two weeks later Harmon Leon presented another hilarious instance of infiltration when he described his efforts to be hired as a security guard in a piece titled the ?Insecurity Guard?.

Below we are proud to present an interview with one of the area's most infamous infiltrators. Harmon Leon has made it on to two of our love-to-hate shows, Blind Date and the Jamie Kennedy Experience. SFist was pleased to learn than in addition to going places and doing things that most of us only dream of, Mr. Leon is also a patriot, with a keen interest in our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. Thus, this is one interview that is both educational and entertaining.