Sure it's grey and rainy out, but at least you've got the Essefficist's shoulder to cry on. We've got two questions this week. One's about burrito-inspired tattoos and the other one's about fog-inspired poetry. First, Lynn from The Cat's Pajamas asks,

For those of you who don't know what Lynn's talking about, Casa Sanchez is a taqueria on 24th Street that also does a bang-up business hawking their delicious chips and salsa at grocery stores. Back in 1999, they got a lot of press for offering to give free lunch for life to anyone who got their logo--a tiny sombreroed gentleman (Jimmy the Corn Man) riding an interstellar cruise missile made of an ear of corn--permanently tattooed on their person. We called up Casa Sanchez to get the scoop and sadly, but not surprisingly, they no longer offer this deal to new tattooees, only to the OG's who got their tattoos done back in the day. So if you got Jimmy on your shoulder in 1999, the deal still stands. Keep on partying, Prince. But otherwise, you'd better not get that tat unless you really love the styles they got at Casa Sanchez. And what about those OG's? Casa Sanchez originally limited the number of participants to fifty and they say that there are about forty people that still actually redeem their body art for free eats.

Does Casa Sanchez still offer free food to people who get a tattoo of Jimmy the Corn Man riding an intergalactic corn cob? Something tells me the answer is no, and if this is the case, are there other places that will give free things if you tattoo a logo on yourself? (No dot com stuff, please).