We know that Menlo Park might be a bit far for some of you to travel, but we thought you might want to know about a special showing of The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill at the Guild this Saturday, March 12th. Director Judy Irving and (human) star Mark Bittner will introduce the 7:00pm showing and answer questions after both the 4:55 and 7:00pm showings. But forget them - they'll also be bringing one of the birds!

Which brings us to the SFist Cares organization of the week (we are so smooth): Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue which rescues small, parrot-type birds. They help them get better and find new homes. So, how can you help? Come on, we've been doing this for weeks now - give them some cash!. Or, you know, you could adopt a bird. But that's probably not for everyone. Cash is a universal gift. They also rock some pretty cool education programs and tips on caring for birds. SFist is now ready to sex your cockatiel. Ain't that a great pick-up line!

Photo of Rio and Tiki, who are up for adoption at the Mikaboo Cockatiel Rescue.