There were elections yesterday? We had no idea! Well, we don't live in Marin, Contra Costa, Sonoma, or San Mateo County, but apparently pretty much everyone loves to Save The Music. (That ad with the little kids disappearing from the school orchestra -- hits ya !) And CoCo's Acalanes Union School District managed to convince voters to fund up a seventh period of classes for AP and honors-track students. 'Cause nothing says fun like Calculus BC at 4 p.m.! However, voters in Ross decided to keep letting their school's roofs leak, Milpitas wants to have extra-crowded kindergarten classes, and Belmont is no longer funding their shuttle bus service.

In other sort-of local election news, Doris Matsui, widow of Robert Matsui, was overwhelmingly elected (with 71% of the vote!) to her late husband's House of Representatives seat. She's the 46th widow to be elected to finish a husband's Congressional term. We doubt any husbands have yet to be elected to finish out their wives', though don't think Bill Clinton and Bob Dole aren't thinking about it!

Picture of Iraqi man voting by John Moore from the AP, off the State Department website

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