We're fine, that is, until someone starts talking about, like, "Law and Order: Shoplifting Diversion Program" or something. For cable-free SFists do not receive NBC, since the local NBC affiliate switched from KRON to KNTV. As the Chron and we reported back in August of 2004, plans were in place for a tower that will bring NBC to San Francisco in the next six months. Well, we turned out TV to Channel 11 in January, and got nothing but snow, so unless Samara is coming to get us, it looks like we'll still have to wait for the Peacock to come and lay its precious egg of programming in out living room.

People, how hard can this be? On "Extreme Makover: Home Edition" (which we can see because it's on ABC), they build a whole damn house in a week, complete with trips to Sears and long tearful discussions about "why we're really here". How tough can it be to make a pole stick out of the ground?

Ordinarily, we'd email some folks for comment, do some more research, and behave like responsible online journalists. But Ranting in the classic SFist sense isn't about that, as much as it is spilling bile. And bile we have over being cheated out of "The Contender" (dude, what is up with Stallone's face?), "Medium" (SFist loves us some psychics), and "The Office" (which we would watch only to mock, we admit it).

Looking at that lineup, we're a little less passionate about the issue, given what great shows are on other networks. We'll be fine without you, NBC. The artists known as TLC said it best: "(we) don't want no Scrub(s)".

Picture from NBC.com, because we really want y'all to look at Stallone's weird, weird face.