The Richmond and Sunset is more than just the place you drive through on your way to the beach--it's home to some great, if overlooked, restaurants. We hope you're inspired to try new some new places, and we'd love to hear recommendations of Westside joints you'd like to see reviewed in this feature, so please send your thoughts our way, or leave them in the comments.

Even though we said we were trying to get out more, there are some nights (usually nights involving Wednesday night TV) we need to food to come to us.

We're disturbingly anal (and watch our site stats shoot through the roof with the use of that word within the context of SFist) enough to keep a file folder of all the menus left on our door, but there's only one we really use: Andy's Restaurant, which is subheadded as "Excellent Chinese Cuisine".

Over our many years living in the Sunset we've tried many of Andy's entrees, with varying levels of success. But we've come up with a hit list (and a miss list) we'd love to share with you, the next time you're anywhere in the Irving/Judah corridor and want some good, and occasionally great Chinese delivery/carry-out, especially when it comes to their seafood dishes. Check it out after the jump!

Photo of where we eat our Andy's from our private collection.