Afternoon shows at the Bottom of the Hill, like Saturday's Earlimart Noise Pop show, are so excellent -- the buses are running, the sun is out, you don't have to worry the whole time that you'll become a poignant entry on the SFist Blotter ("Ladyfest becomes Slay-dee-fest as music lover is killed: Victim loved jangly guitar-driven pop") -- and, if you're fortunate enough to run into SFist Emily on the way in, you can grab a coffee at Farley's and hear about her interview with the headliners! Well, we did almost get mowed down by some aggressive sparrows (it was like , only embarrassing), but it was a great afternoon.

Earlimart is a Fresno band with five members, many of whom rotate through various instruments (it is darn cool to have two drum sets on stage, can we just say?), who crank it up and play dreamy wall-of-sound indie rock, in that My Bloody Valentine/ Creeper Lagoon/ Dealership kind of way. This is Earlimart's third Noise Pop outing, but, as lead singer Aaron Espinoza noted, with a tone of genuine amazement, "This is our first time headlining." The show was jam-packed full, with not only the usual coterie of Bay Area indie scenesters (ironic t-shirts, layering with hoodies), but Earlimart's other mass following of LA Silverlake scenesters too (exposed midriffs, jean jackets with shearling linings).

People solemnly shaking their moneymakers, digital cameras artfully tilting above the crowd, and a whole mess of instruments, after the jump.

Map of Earlimart, California off

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