BoingBoing's David Pescovitz recently posted a call for models by his friend Richard Hansen. And when we say "models" we mean "people with penises," since Richard is working on a book project about everyone's favorite cut of man-meat.

Seeking men of all sizes, shapes and colors to model their penis for an upcoming art photography book project. This creative project seeks to show what men really look like down there--how we're so very different, yet somewhat the same. This is a documentary-style book project and not porn related whatsoever. The images will ONLY show your pelvic region - no faces revealed. We want to represent the widest array of men possible.

Photography will be at Richard's studio from March sixth through the tenth. Your privates will be shot privately, if you make the book you'll get a copy, and you have to be 18. And get your mind out of the gutter -- this is Art with a capital 'A,' not pr0n. Call 415-378-4936 to schedule an appointment. Thanks to Jay Allen, who forwarded this to us. He has what SFist thinks could be an even better idea: "What would be REALLY funny is to take pictures of JUST faces. Then let the public try to mix and match..."

Photo by Eric Wagner of the San Francisco Department of Public Health's Healthy Penis.