Got plans for Saturday night? No? How about SFist gets you and three of your friends in the door for Sensual at the Luna Lounge for free? SFist is like your buddy who knows the bouncer. You hang with us, and there isn't a velvet rope in The City that's gonna stop you!

Two different dancefloors will be rocked by multiple DJs, with one room hosting the hip-hop, rock and mashup jams, and the other featuring house and breaks. There will even be three sexy models (ladies and gents) pouring body shots if you're tired of using a glass to consume your tequila like a chump. Dress up, go out, and shake what your momma gave ya until four in the morning people! Check out the SF Station listing or the Skills Project website for all the details.

Send us an email with your full name to enter. We'll put all the entries through an incredibly complex randomization alogorithm (some people prefer to call it "a hat") and pick a lucky winner. Make sure to send your email in by noon on Saturday to be eligible.