You know, Kermit was right about it not being easy being green. Though, we have to say, SFist looks fab in a light sage green. It brings out our eyes.

They offer a number of programs, our favourite of which might be the Tool Lending Center which really means you have no excuse to have duct tape holding up your drainpipe. They also have an extensive list of resources available across the city to aid in your own particular beautification project, as well as contacts to complain about graffiti, bus shelter maintenance and various permits.

Have you ever sat on a friend's couch and got a spring up your ass? Ouch. Let them know about the Gigantic 3 program where they can toss out that baby and then you take them for lunch and furniture shopping. SFist loves to buy furniture... sorry, needed a moment. These are the kinds of things the Clean City Coalition works out for you.

This wouldn't be SFist Cares if we didn't also point out that besides taking from the services of the Clean City Coalition, you can also give back by volunteering for Clean Team Events in your district. Gardening gloves are so sexy!