The high point of this collection of short animations: "Petunia," a simple, lovely story about a moody guy and a flower; if it was CG rather than hand-drawn, it would be the sort of thing you might find at the start of a Pixar movie. And the low point: that would be either the discombobulated CG short that turned out to be an advertisement, or the excruciating German puppet-mess that drew audience applause from when it was finally turned off about halfway through.

A more eclectic grouping of animations you could not hope for: "Munch on This" features hand-drawn stuff, computer-aided line drawings, weirdly composited stop-motion, a bit of claymation (though we were hoping for more), and some bizarro weirdness that truly defies description. The (completely adorable) IndieFest lady who introduced the extravaganza gestured to the screen and proclaimed, "kick ass!" -- we have yet to attend an IndieFest screening that did not include profanity in the introduction. Now THAT'S indie.