The Archdiocese has been looking to sell the church to a developer as the church has been closed since 1994 due to the fact they can’t afford the $7-$8 million in retrofitting. They also don’t really have a need for it either what with attendance in churches all over the city being in decline. But the main reason, however, they need to sell the church is because they need the money to shell out for damages due to their little altar boy problem. The developer they are planning to sell to wants to knock down the church and put up some condos. The problem in selling it, though, is that the church is old. Really old. Like turn of the last century, built in 1900 old. It’s also the only building in the city done in a Richardsonian style, so named for it’s architect H.H. Richardson, and comes with an Italian organ and stained glass built in Dublin by some famous Irish sculptor. This, of course, led to the inevitable N.I.M.B.Y group being formed followed by the inevitable organisin’ and protestin’. And before you can say "this looks like a job for the Board of Supervisors!" the above-mentioned resolution was passed.

How this ends up, we’re not sure, but we’ll bet our bottom dollar it’ll involve lawyers. Lots and lots of lawyers. What we do know is that the Supes are asking the church to spend money they don’t have for a church they don’t want which we're sure the Archdiocese is just thrilled about. If the church is made into a landmark, it'll mean that we will have another pretty old building to look at from our overly priced, tiny studio apartment. The one we can't move out of because we can't find any damn housing in the city.

Image from SFGate