After the discovery of the holy grail of Bay Area coffee last week, it's a good time to sit back and take stock of why we do this. And how we go about it.

Is it time for a change in format? After a mere three months? And is it okay that it's just some dude with a made-up, eight-syllable name that's guiding you through the SF coffee scene?

There's a whole world of coffee that fits snugly into your usual SFist favorites. Y'know, like Get Ur (Coffee) Geek On. Or a multitude of stories that could fit in a Coffee Blotter. Trimethyldioxypurist cares? Staggering Through Caffeine? SFist Reads: Coffee Table Book Edition? Or maybe just commenting, with our usual snarkiness, on the general caffeine-related news and industry trends. That kinda thing.

But, no. This is SFist, not the latest Nick Denton creation. We're vertical here, not horizontal. Meaning it's gotta be about our fair San Francisco Bay Area and its cities. So our format remains.