Sam Breach of Becks & Posh bravely opened up a copy of 7x7 magazine (San Francisco's answer to society mag New York Magazine) only to find her own name in it! Of course, 7x7 doesn't have any of their content on-line (for shame). From Sam's report, the article looks at the influence of online critics versus Chronicle bigwig Michael Bauer in terms of chef's opinions. Sam was nice enough to not only copy out this quote but to link to some of the best local foodies out there:

...we figured chefs might also be getting familiar with food blogs such as Chez Pim (written by Pim Techamuanvivt), Tastingmenu (written by Hillel Cooperman) or Becks & Posh (written by Sam Breach and named for a Cockney term that translates to "nosh") Surely, in this technocentric city, chefs must regularly take peeks at websites such as Chowhound, Citysearch and eGullet...

Sam's fans, fellow foodie bloggers (including our brother in Brody hating Cedichou) and Sam herself weigh in in the comments to her post. We're of the opinion that restaurant reviews may be gossip amongst chefs, but we doubt they change many menus. We do think online writers, though, are driving customers to restaurants that folks like Michael Bauer wouldn't even deign to visit. Don't understimate yourselves, blogging gourmets!

Collage of photos from the recent Becks & Posh review of Citizen Cupcake.