Gawker's all hot and bothered that Luna Park, the Valencia street eatery which expanded to hell-ay, is now making the move to the loisaida. That's right, it will soon join uber-good Katz's Delicatessen (Send a Salami to Your Boy in the Army!) and uber-now Schindler's Liquor Bar (from the people who brought you Balthazar) south of Houston and east of the Bowery. For those of you in the know, that means that Manhattan is now officially over, Nolita having spread it's $3,000-sweater tentacles to the East River. There's three blocks bordering Delancey holding out a glimmer of hope. From Tale of Two Cities, a bicoastal blog written from New York and LA:

Since we must know all about our neighbors we immediately hit the Internerd. A Google search turned up a New York magazine blurb - supposedly Kitchen and Cocktails was planning for a late October opening. The place will shoot for a "casual ambience, lively bar scene, and multiculti menu."

Hungry for more, we turned to our buddy list. Kerry was not around, so we sought out other informers, and guess what? It looks like this place will fit right in with the neighborhood, not to mention uptowners intent on crashing the party. Our source reports that while dining at the L.A. branch of Luna Park one time, he saw a party of girls doing lines of coke - off of a table! And before you even have to ask - no, it was not on the menu.

As much as we appreciate them shouting out the current Luna Park incarnation's EssEff roots, there was another city that had a Luna Park where it was more about the roller coaster rails, if you know what we're saying. Oh, and they had a Luna Park Cafe in the eighties. But we don't remember any cokeheads.