Back on Tuesday, Athletics Nation carried the third and final part of their interview with Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane, who is generally considered something of a genius in his field. Kos points out that he had this to say about the blogosphere, after discussing how fluid player deals and a managing a team's makeup can be:

[T]hat's what I love, for lack of a better word, about the blogger's world.  There is a tendency to really analyze things in detail.  Ultimately, because there is so much conversation and investigation on a site like yours, people may not ultimately agree with it, but they stumble onto what you're trying to do.  Someone emailed me something written on a Cardinals' blog, and they had nailed all the things we were talking about.  The economic reasons, the personnel reasons and the reasons we made the exchange.  The world of a Web log will lend itself to a lot of investigation.  And you will often stumble across the answer more than someone who has to write in two hours to meet deadline just to make sure something is out in the paper the next day.

Amen, brother Beane. Man does SFist love to watch that guy work. Theo Epstein may have walked a tight rope to get a World Series win out of the Red Sox, but moneywise, Beane's was two-thirds tighter.

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