The Newsom tributes roll on in the wake of the Chronicle's hard-hitting Passion of the Gavin article. Kneeling before the emperor, offers its laurels through the eternal voice of poesy.

Joe O'Donaghue, the residential developer recently embraced by San Francisco's fickle left, has penned the stirring "Encomium to Gavin." Yea, it brings a tear to the eye and stirs the soul as only fine poetry can. An excerpt follows (from the third stanza):

And great it is that you had the skill
Illustrating to us how to get a thrill,
Kimberly the banana did pop to array
Your sexual prowess in ardent display,
This courageous act which better than dope,
Helped bind us together in one act of trope.

"Kimberly the banana did pop to array" -- dang, they should get that engraved around the city seal!

Thanks to Hooray for Anything for the tip!