Because of the potentially inclement weather, we were confused as to where the meeting place would be. We tried Chevy's (hey, Jason, the hostess there wanted me to tell you that they only hold tables ten or fifteen minutes), we tried Specialty's, but we definitely could not find a gaggle of pasty bloggers (or at least differentiate them from all the other pasty Macworld attendees). So we'll have to pester Mr. Shellen with questions and flash photography next time. Maybe the only confirmed attendee, Jamison, would be nice enough to do a recap in the comments. At least we got some exercise, a little sun, and a picture of the iShuffle ads along Market which morning commuters were treated to on the way into the office -- surprised no one leaked pictures of these before the speech (sound of SFist kicking self for taking the 12 instead of the 9 to the F).