The ongoing landlord-tenant dispute known as the Rent movie negotiations flared up once again, with Chris Columbus's production team claiming they were promised free use of the facilities on Treasure Island, and the City claiming they needed to fork over a security deposit and other niceties. Please do note the irony of squatting in a film studio to film Rent -- okay, thanks. Please also note the irony of Tony Hall claiming that Rent is misusing city funds when he's having the city pay for a new SUV and his Christmas party. (obligatory libel CYA: those may actually be legitimate city expenditures.) Thanks again.

So after tears, recriminations, and threats to move back to New York, Rent will be coughing up $12,500/month for studio space, plus utilities, and the rent goes up in July to $20,000. And you thought $1800 for a one-bedroom was too high.

Local filming is scheduled to start soon, though it's unclear whether star Idina Menzel's injury will affect the schedule.