Today is, of course, Festivus. And with Festivus comes the traditional airing of grievances. Not to mention acknowledgement that we stole the idea from the Daily Quickie column on’s Page 2. So, in celebration of the most holy of holidays, we here at Sfist would like to air our grievances.

Sfist Rita’s grievances are that she is cheesed off that she only just started watching the Matt Gonzalez show on public access this week and it was the last episode!! She is also cheesed off about the continual bad traffic on Division/Duboce from the weird proposition we may or may not have voted for, to tear down an ugly road and rebuild it two blocks over.

Sfist Matt’s grievances are concerned with mainly one person- Jan Wahl. He really, really, really can't stand Jan Wahl (and really, who doesn’t?). She makes him furious and thinks it might be because the first time he ever saw her, she was introducing the movie "a Chorus Line" on KRON and was saying, "here's one movie that's long overdue for a remake." Jesus Christ. Stop hurting America! Oh, and “there's too many bums in this city. Would somebody please remove them?"

And Sfist Jon (which would be we) would like to air these grievances:

-That Bill Murray was totally robbed for Best Actor and that Sean Penn’s acting in Mystic River was overwrought and overdone and someday Bill will be recognized as a genius that walks amongst us.
-That penny-pinching owners with GM’s who have either read way too many of their press clippings or don’t like signing players unless the team is able to throw a 40th birthday party for them are starting to piss us off.
-That we have to wait till next July for the next Harry Potter book. What are we supposed to read till then?
-And finally, that whole election thing.

Anyone else have some grievances they'd like to air?