Mayor Gavin the N, fresh from meat-slicing duties, found his press conference on how he plans to use funds from Prop 63 (money for mental health services) upstaged by caroling progressives protesting his budget cuts, one of whom was wearing a Grinch mask and a nametag that said "GAVIN." One of the others was, of course, Chris Daly. Ross Mirkarimi (wearing a regular suit, not a Santa one) did his part too, accusing Gavin of deliberately scheduling his Prop 63 press conference to distract the press from the winsome little Cindy Whos.

The San Francisco Sentinel, which will be shutting down soon (we'll miss you), has some terrif pictures from the event. (We wish someone had dressed up the dog they brought with some fake reindeer horns, but these are very minor details.) And as the Examiner reported, the man dressed up as the Grinch said, "I always get stuck in these dumb things. At least it's not 80 degrees out and I'm not dressed up as Darth Vader."

art by Dr. Seuss, of course