SFist was dismayed when we heard rumors surrounding the controversial firing of the Castro Theater's long-time programming director, Anita Monga.

We first heard these rumors when we read the Chron story detailing the ire Monga's firing has wrought, including several Castro staff resigning in support, as well as several other staff members experiencing termination in early November.

Supporters of Anita Monga have asserted that the owners of the Castro Theater, Karen and Ted Nasser, are planning on changing the direction of the Castro's programming to a more family-friendly and less gay-themed lineup. If true, this is of obvious concern, as it affects not just the unique gay identity of the Castro neighborhood, but an entire community that has benefited from the brilliant and daring programming of this theater as well.

Public concern for this is great enough that a protest is planned in front of the Castro theater from 3-5 PM on Saturday, Dec 18. The protesters plan to "protest Monga's firing and demand that the theater owners bring her back and make it possible for her to continue her work."

SFist loves the Castro theater and is very disturbed by the possibility that the theater would become a venue for mainstream film. However, we have been unable to receive much concrete substantiation for any of the allegations that the Nasser family plans to change direction. In fact, according to the Chronicle piece: