Nothing the like Jesus' birthday around the corner to get juries in the hangin' mood, apparently. We understand that getting home to your family for the holidays after a long sequestration would be a priority, but they could decide just as quickly to let them rot in a cell, tortured by their guilt (and fellow inmates). We sure think that any extended stay in San Quentin or Pelican Bay would probably be worse than a quick and relatively painless death.

Earlier this week there were cheers and high-fives from the crowd waiting outside the Redwood City courthouse where Scott Peterson was given the death sentence. Classy! Nothing like doling out the ultimate penalty to fire up a crowd. We hope they were all excited over what this could mean for Ben Affleck's career as a dramatist, and not over the the prospect of yet more death in this tragedy.

Shortly thereafter, an Alameda County jury handed down the death sentence following the conviction of Stuart "The Sausage King of San Leandro" Alexander in the murder of three meat inspectors. Of course both men should be on death row for a good, long time while their appeals wind their way through the judicial system.

Last night lawyers in Martinez rested their cases during the sentencing phase for Glenn Helzer, convicted along with his brother Justin of murdering and dismembering five people during a methamphetamine and motivational group-fueled rampage to get money in order to save the world by conquering the Mormon Church with Brazilian orphans. The jurors will now debate amongst themselves whether or not Glenn, portrayed during Justin's trial as a manipulative mastermind, deserves to fry.

Happy holidays from SFist.

Associated Press photo by Justin Sullivan, pool