Tough day at the office, and no time to even read the sports section. So when we finally hopped the Muni home, we were happy to see on the bottom half of the inside page a story detailing the journey of Bruce Schwab aboard the Ocean Planet. Though he is thousands of miles behind the leader, if he returns to France without landing or needing any help, he will become the first American to complete the prestigious Vendée Globe.

Begun in 1989 by Philippe Jeanto, SFist considers it probably one of the most incredible mental and physical tests of endurance in the world. It beats truck standing hands-down. Competitors can not dock in any ports or receive technical assistance of any kind. The 20-meter open deck yachts used are some of the most expensive and advanced boats in the world. The Ocean Planet is the only wood-hulled boat in the race, but uses a water ballast system developed for racing yachts in 1979 by American sailing engineers and has a revolutionary unstayed mast.

Sign up for email updates that Bruce sends via satellite to see what life is like alone on the high seas. Currently between the Cape of Africa and Australia, he is in some of the roughest seas in the world, with only a lone albatross and a copy of "Rock and Roll High School" to keep him company. Of course the vast expense of the venture will leave our intrepid sailor deep in debt. Of course you can donate to the cause via paypal, but we're thinking a certain local captain of industry should pony up the dough for the sake of the Bay Area sailing community.