Nope, not that Great White, the even more lethal kind. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is currently playing host to a Great White shark. As you may know, Great Whites are NEVER in captivity because they go on a hunger strike and either die or are released. Until now the longest a Great White has been in captivity is 5 days.

Monterey has been playing host to a female Great White for over three months now. They attribute their ability to keep the shark alive to her young age. Since she’s only six months old (they think) she didn’t know that she wasn’t supposed to eat the food her captors give her. Scientists at the aquarium report that the young sharkette is both a voracious eater and eerily smart: she can sense when humans are nearing the tank, surfaces, and lunges at whatever food is proffered. Although SFist never harbored any desire to be a marine biologist, we found the shark mesmerizing, despite her uncanny resemblance to the sharks in Jaws. Since it’s a trek to Monterey, make a day of it, grab brunch at Café Brasil in Santa Cruz and ice cream at Marianne’s on the way back. Oh, and the little shark doesn’t have a name, since the aquarium doesn’t plan on keeping her for much longer. We like to call her little SFista.