He's (almost) Miss World, can't look us in the eye -- Hizzoner Newsom announced that he was nominated but did not win in the online World Mayor 2004 contest. (That Giacometti-like figure to your left is the prestigious World Mayor award -- they could call it the Wonkie). Newsom put on his best Susan Lucci face, stating through his spokesperson that "To even be mentioned in a competition like this is a great honor," (and claimed not even to have known the competition was underway. "What, the Oscars? They give out prizes for good acting now?")

The only other Family Gothamist mayor nominated was Mayor Livingston (on Londonist's beat) -- nope, no Mayors Bloomberg, Daley, Hahn, Williams, or Miller on the short list -- instead, three mayors from Florida and 13 other Americans, only three mayors total from Canada (from Missisauga, Ottawa, and Vancouver), and 24 European mayors (the contest is run out of London) made the list.

Mayor Rama of Tirana, Albania won the sash and tiara, with the mayors of Mexico City and Rome coming in second and third. (Newsom made the third tier of "less than 1500 votes but with strong international appeal," along with Mayor Delanoe of Paris and Mayor Sthapit of Kathmandu, among others.)