Anyhoo, let's see what Santa just might be bringing you this holiday season:

The Bourne Supremacy- Matt Damon stars in a sequel to the popular Bourne Identity. Long story short, Jason Bourne is still amnesiac and still being chased by people he tangled with before he lost it. The next sequel supposedly stars Ben Afleck as someone who wakes up with amnesia only discover they were an actor who has became the punchline to countless comedians and writers looking for an easy one. The DVD features something called "A Crash Cam" showing how they filmed what was a pretty cool car-chase sequence.

Maria Full of Grace- We never saw this movie, but heard it was great. We know it's good because it was one of those small movies that somehow managed to play somewhere in this city for what seemed like forever. Alexander should be so lucky. For those who didn't see the movie when it played here, it tells the story of a cute Columbian girl (what? Like they'd make a movie about some sleazy bald guy with a porn 'stache who runs drugs) who volunteers to be a drug mule delivering drugs to New York.