The Flash iPod has been rumored for a while now - in fact, it was speculated to come out before the iPod photo. Now we have more than a rumor we have an artist's rendering! With a 256mb version supposed to be priced around $100, with a 1gb version probably topping out at $200 (so as not to step on their Mini market), a whole new tax bracket could become white-earbud-sporting hipsters on the BART. The leaked specs include no screen, just a flat, joystick like thumb-wheel. Smaller than a business card almost by half, it will probably be tough and light enough to wear around your neck. No moving parts means jogging fun!

The image above, from Robert Padbury of (which is flooded with traffic, so use the mirror link at, is purely speculative. The MacWorld expo is coming up in January, which means Steve Jobs gets to get up in front of a crowd of screaming geeks and show off the new toys his elves in Cupertino have been working on. But this would seem the perfect gift for Christmas. Can they get it out in time? Or will Santa have to bring an Apple store gift certificate in anticipation?

Update: Another flash-based iPod mockup after the jump.