The Chron today does a feature on the biggest architectural eyesores in San Francisco. The writer of the article focuses his ire on the Marriott Hotel across the street from the Metreon, saying it looks like a jukebox -- though he freely admits that his ire might be more focused there because of its proximity to the Chron offices -- but goes ahead and lists some other notably unattractive buildings too, including the Bank of America on Van Ness and Market (can't find a picture of this for love or money today), 100 First Street, and Fox Plaza, and readers in the Two Cents column chime in their thoughts too.

ONEMARIT-L.jpgPersonally, we're going to go with that huge multicolored condo complex at the very top of Russian Hill that blocks every single view of the North of Market hills (see above), but we'll also give the big yuck-face to One Maritime Plaza (it's the ominous big metal Xs) (see right), the Bank of America building, and the building of every single office we've ever worked in. Give us your list of offenders (or your favorite ones -- we found some beautiful shots at in the comments!