SFist isn't going to apologize for our unnatural love of anthropomorphized monkeys. Particularly when they're wearing pants. We love that! Ahem. What we mean is that we find the people/animal connection an interesting one separated by a fine line.

And we don't just mean what happens with the SFist editors have a few too many. As the exhibit "Animal Instincts" at Montalvo demonstrates.

Animal Instincts explores our complex relationship with animals as revealed in the work of 12 nationally recognized artists.  The exhibition includes more than 20 works of photography, video and sculpture that reflect a variety of attitudes addressing the human and animal divide. These include the blurring of species classifications, animals as metaphor for our fears, aspirations and desires, and our physical, emotional and spiritual connections with the animal world.  These artists address the enduring questions in our relationship with animals: To what extent do we project ourselves onto animals and to what extent do animals reflect our own humanity?

The exhibit features what we think is a fascinating and kind of creepy set of photomanipulations by Daniel Lee called Manimals (1993). The photo on the right is one of them "1962-Year of the Tiger".
SFist isn't the only one who remembers the 80s TV show Manimal, are we?

We know it's a busy time of year but taking some time out for art appreciation or just walking the grounds at Montalvo is a nice way to escape the holiday frenzy. The exhibit is on until December 12th.