You didn't think we'd go a week without more postings on our favorite city supervisor, did you? Naw! The Body Politic reports that Chris Daly is the recipient of a lovely pot of flowers! (scroll down). Turns out that one of the proponents for two-unit condo conversions is playing both sides on this one. (scroll to Nov. 22). The homeowners' advocate spoke at the original meeting against Daly and was there when Daly flipped out. He then left a message for Daly the next day apologizing for the homeowner group's "mob mentality" at the meeting and pledging support for low-income housing. Two days later, though, the advocate then wrote a letter in support of Alioto-Pier's motion for censure (stating "please sit him down and teach him how to deal politely with others.").

Like that nice Hairspray girl said in American Beauty, "You are so busted." The homeowner, when contacted by the Body Politic, said he was embarrassed, but was "truly of two minds about Daly's behavior." (No mention of any squirming, or if that annoying Jon Stewart fake-Johnny Carson/tie-adjusting voice was used). The homeowner then sent the aforementioned lovely flowers to Daly, along with a note that said,

"So believe it or not, I am writing today to apologize for my apology. The failed attempt to censure you was like a spanking. It was not an impeachment or a rejection. We parents are not putting you up for adoption; we just want to help you get smarter and stronger. We know that we will need you in the future. So please keep up the good work and always keep your cool."
As Daly put it, "At least I got flowers out of it."