Well, he wasn't wearing a t-shirt to promote his new rap album, but, like Ron Artest, Chris Daly ain't sorry. Well, that's not entirely fair. At yesterday's unprecedented censure motion hearings before the San Francisco Board of Supes, Daly, before the session began, offered a "flat-out, heartfelt" apology to Michaela Alioto-Pier in response to her claims that he had loomed over her (Alioto-Pier is in a wheelchair) and made her feel threatened. However, Daly declined to apologize to the public for telling them where to get off (at the stop marked "F") at the contentious land use committee meeting two weeks ago.

dalylg.jpgThe meeting, which was described by the Chron as "touching on everything from the power of redemption to Sen. Joseph McCarthy's post-World War II witch hunt against Communists -- in what at times resembled a therapy session, a bar-stool debate and a civics lesson" (our favorite kind!), resulted in an 2-8 vote on the motion to censure (Alioto-Pier and Elsbernd voted for censure, Dufty was out of town, and everyone else voted against), but Alioto-Pier seemed satisfied, calling it a "non-censure censure," and saying that she got her point across.

Daly, for his part, promises to keep himself more positive in the future, while Daly's supporters (sporting green "Daly speaks for me" stickers) continued to insist Daly was in the right (with some even advocating more confrontational behavior from him in the future) and that it really wasn't such a big deal. One supporter said, "Nobody took a punch, nobody threw a chair, no blood was shed." Now, maybe it's just us, but doesn't that seem like kind of a low bar to be setting for the voices speaking for us in the august legislative chambers?

All the lofty rhetoric about civilized civic discourse aside, we're personally a little disappointed Daly didn't try to lie down on the stenographer's table or that Michaela Alioto-Pier didn't dump a soda on the visiting team, but we'll pick up the pieces and move on with our broken lives.