We're just blamelessly living our idyllic lives out here: blue skies, a Democratic mayor, a modern art museum that doesn't cost $20 to get into, a panda bear coming to Oakland..... when suddenly, out of the blue -- this! A fresh cuppa New York hate because they're filming part of Rent out here!

Now, we don't mean to start a little intra-blue-stater dispute here or anything, but --- what? New Yorkers want to throw down some civic pride over a musical that currently stars Jessica Simpson brother-in-law Drew Lachey? Look at that choad up there! Do you all wear funny plaids like that in Gotham? Our rent is plenty high out here! We also oppress our artistic community! We do plenty of remakes of La Boheme! And come on, it's not like the East Village is actually "bohemian" anymore anyways -- you might as well live in San Francisco with prices like these.

Now, we're not saying Rent's going to be a great movie or anything, and when the only reason why a big-budget movie wants to film in your city is because 1) Chris Columbus lives here (after living in the E. Village in the 90s) and 2) a former city supervisor is letting him film it for free -- well, sure. (and why didn't Revolution Studios send a press release to us too if they were sending one to Gothamist?). All we're saying is -- ha, San Francisco can host mediocre movies just as well as New York!

In any event, we hear all your hipsters are moving out here anyways. (You have to explain what satire is out there on the East Coast? Has all the banging on your radiators for heat gone to your heads?)