Okay, so SFist isn't always as impartial as we'd like to be. We're bloggers - our prejudices are bound to shine through from time to time (well, okay, always). With all this talk of the red states and theocracy, good, Kerry-voting Christians all over the country are having to defend themselves and their faith from being pigeonholed into the Ralph Reed and Billy Graham camp.

But the PICO National Network, a multifaith organization from Oakland, has traveled to the nation's capitol to make it clear that Jesus probably wouldn't have been pro-war, pro-death penalty or pro-deregulation of assault weapons. He also would have probably supported Mary Magdalene's right to choose, healed the sick with stem cells and let the love between devoted couples shine as a beacon of hope.

There's nothing like a room full of ministers for juicy quotes, and Don Lattin of the Chronicle got some great ones.

Bay Area activists at the meeting said they were unimpressed by recent polls that showed that the more frequently Americans attended church, the more likely they were to vote for President Bush.

"That depends what kind of church you're talking about," said the Rev. Amy Zucker of the Unitarian-Universalist Church in Palo Alto.

Church is more than attending Sunday morning worship, said the Rev. Mary Parker-Eves, pastor of Alum Rock United Methodist Church in San Jose. "We have people working out in our communities.''

Said the Rev. George Cummings, pastor of Imani Community Church of Oakland: "We're here to highlight the issues that real families are concerned about. Housing, health care, education. These are moral issues. It's about what justice demands."

Can you tell our grandmother is "Prayerfully Pro-choice?"