The Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors met yesterday, to discuss whether the city should put caps on the number of owner-occupied two-unit buildings that can be converted from tenancies in common to condos. Chris Daly says no, claiming that this process is used to Ellis Act evict seniors and the disabled so that yuppie swine can buy the houses and flip them for an obscene profit. Michaela Alioto-Pier, however, takes the position that TICs are one of the few ways left for people who don't have $800,000 to burn to get into the San Francisco housing market.

Well, the meeting sounds like it went terribly (frantic prospective house buyers versus a guy with AIDS who was evicted along with his service dog) -- and at one point, Daly, who had been cutting off speakers to yell at them throughout the meeting (and had been put on the defensive about owning his own condo earlier), shouted at the pro-TIC people that they were "the George Bush" of San Francisco, walked into the audience, shouted out an obscenity (obscenity not specified in the article), and stormed out of the meeting, requiring Board Prez Gonzalez to call a hasty 10 minute recess while Daly's wife went outside to calm him down. Apparently there's also footage of one of Daly's aides mixing it up with a Chinese-speaking landlord on film too. SFist's definitely going to be checking out the San Francisco government public access channel for this grudge match (it'll be on this weekend).

Daly and Alioto-Pier's jostling proposals will be considered by the full Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting on November 16. Meetings are open to the public, so bring popcorn.

In a special Political Junkie/Housing Bubbles double posting, San Francisco politics and our real estate crunch meet at their usual flash point of tenants' rights groups. With a special appearance by Angry Supervisor Daly!