SFist's had a complicated relationship with George Lucas since 1999. He reminds us of a high-school boyfriend who found us on Google and won't stop calling. Dude, we loved you so much at the time, but you're ruining our nostalgia for the relationship with your long email about your Amway sales!

We employ this drawn-out metaphor to help illustrate our feelings about both George and his Marin County company Lucasfilm, which has been responsible for some of our greatest and most disappointing cinematic experiences.

SFist contributor Rain's site Musty TV tipped us off to the latest drunk dial from our ex with a link to The Episode III trailer. We couldn't say it any better than Rain does when she says:

I'm always afraid to let my inner "Star Wars" geek come through, but I will admit to getting little chills when I heard James Earl Jones' voice, and when I saw those two buns on the sides of Natalie Portman's head. But I think it's my love of the first two films (or last two. Whatever.) that's behind that.

I will NOT get my hopes up. I WON'T!

(She also privately referred to the creator of the film as Jabba-the-Lucas, thus making her one of our favorite people ever.)

We're sure we're not alone in our love, hate, and tiny, fragile hope for these movies. What do you guys think of the trailer, and what are your predictions for this, the final entry in the series? Share your unrestrained thoughts in the comments, as we're sure Darth Lucas rarely stirs from the throne in his castle high above Skywalker Ranch to connect to the good old innerweb.