We'd like to point out that we here at SFist, as well as our sister sites across the country, are working double-time to bring you the latest in election coverage - by getting in touch with the players involved, analyzing the issues on the ballot and otherwise doing our best to get behind the scenes for our readers. Check out DCist's special election coverage for the inside scoop from the capitol.

Hopefully you've had a chance to read our interviews with Jennifer DePalma and Renee Saucedo, started doing your homework along with SFist Jon on all the propositions on the state and local ballots, cleared up any misconceptions with the Essefficist and clicked through to Gothamist's interview with Oscar-winning filmmaker Errol Morris. Check over there on the right hand side for links to our latest election coverage. We're not going to make any endorsements, since SFist is not unanimous in our opinions, but let's just say if you don't like your Windows machine crashing all the time, with massive loss of files, programs running mysteriously in the background and easily exploited security vulnerabilities, have you thought about switching to Mac OS X?