San Francisco rejects Cheney's politics but continues to embrace his sunny demeanor in the face of conflict, with the school board issuing a reprimand at its meeting tonight over the pottymouth outburst at last week's meeting. After listening to tapes of the fracas, the board has decided it will censure provocateur Mark Sanchez only for his "abusive and out of control" comments to Heather Hiles, which board president Dan Kelly found justified her colorful commentary to him in response. Hiles has clarified that at the meeting, she did not say "shut the f*** up," but rather, "calm the f*** down."

No doubt a little hurt that he wasn't at the center of San Francisco politics obscenity-related news, Supervisor Chris Daly fired back (scroll down) on Friday, calling District 7 supe Sean Elsbernd a "punk-ass b****" after the two of them got in a fight over the public reading of the names of soldiers killed in the line of duty. We live in the best f***in' city ever!