It's politics week around SFist, so we here at the Essefficist thought we'd do our civic duty by chipping in with answers to political questions we received about one thing that on next week's ballot and one thing that isn't. Rita asks,

Hey Essefficist! Can you find out what exactly the City College Board of Directors does? Or the Democratic County Central Committee? Why aren't we voting for the DCCC this time around? I'm so confused!

Let's start by assuming that Rita is referring not to the City College Board of Directors, but to the City College Board of Trustees, four members of which we will be selecting in next Tuesday's election. Next, let's explain that we aren't voting for seats on the Democratic County Central Committee next week because that gets done in the spring elections. We voted on it in March. (We'll tell you what the DCCC is and what it does in just a sec.)