SFist always has a good time in Japantown. We enjoy the bookstore, the many restaurants, and the chance to pretend we're in The Executioner.

And there's another reason to head down to the Post and Webster area - the awesome Super 7 retail store. Brought to you by the same folks who bring you Super 7 Magazine ("the first and only all English publication covering all aspects of Japanese Toy Culture"), the Super 7 store is a super fansasy of tiny toys and figures, esoteric books and magazines, local artist created works, and, in the words of Edina Monsoon "gorgeous little things."

And if the thought of some of the coolest looking pencil bags ever doesn't lure you out of the house, how about this: On October 30, Super 7 presents their 50 Years of Godzilla art show, "a group show celebrating the birthday of everyone's favorite Japanese monster". Come on, who doesn't love Godzilla? Go!