turkey.jpgSo it turns out that one of the main draws of the Almaden Valley subdivisions in San Jose are their proximity to beautiful nature -- squirrels, birds, deer, and every now and then, even a wild turkey. Neighbors would leave out birdfeeders, feed the feral cats and squirrels, and revel in the beauties of our California habitat. One resident noted that one day there were about 200 geese on his block. "It was hilarious," he said.

Those of you paying attention in ecology class (or who watch Pardon the Interruption), though, have two words for us: Food -- and Chain. So the birds and the deer and the squirrels attracted large-tusked wild boars, which would tear up homeowners' lawns like a rototiller. The wild boars and the deer then attracted larger predators, like bobcats and coyotes. So now, as we've been faithfully reporting, the coyotes are now to the point where residents have seen them stalking pet cats, dogs, and even a grandchild or two.